Childhood Flapjack (granola bar that doesn't crumble)

I started making this granola bar for my long bike rides and runs.

It is packed with great energy, sugar, fat, healthy oats, and seeds.

This flapjack makes a nice afternoon pick me up!

It is perfect to make in batches and freeze or store in the fridge.

Here is my recipe for Childhood Flapjack!

Yield: 12 portion


460g coconut oil (or butter)

500g honey (or maple syrup)

550g quick-cooking oats

50g hemp hearts (optional)

100g ground flax seeds (optional)

65g sunflower seeds (optional)

4g salt (optional)

8g cinnamon (optional)

Use my ratios as a guide for your own creation! Adjust quantities as you adapt. More seeds, add fewer oats. Try and keep the total weight the same.

Other optional add-ins:

Raisins, chocolate, nuts, coconut, nutmeg

Method: Oven @ 350F

Step One: Combine oil and honey in a large pot and slowly melt together. When they are totally melted, bring to a boil and cook at a gentle boil for 5 minutes.

Step Two: Take off heat and add oats. Stir really well and totally mix. You really want the oats to be completely saturated in the hot oil/honey mixture.

Step Three: Add the rest. The flax, hemp, salt, and sunflower seeds. I like to add them second and mix REALLY well again. The mixture should still be hot.

Step Four: Using a spoon, transfer the oat mixture to a parchment-lined tray. A glass dish or some kind of tray that has walls.


Please do not try to 'make more' by spreading it out thinner. This should be 1-1.5'' high.

If you make them thin then they will not be chewy and they will CRUMBLE.

Step Five: Put that sexy lil oat cake in the oven! 🤗🤗🤗

350F for 20 minutes

You should be able to hear it sizzling kind of and it really should just be hot and cooked through. 20 minutes should be enough. 5 more if you are worried.

COOLING: Please let it cool on the counter overnight or in the fridge.

Do not eat while still warm or 'fresh out of the oven'. This isn't one of those things and it should be completely cooled before you even THINK about cutting it.

STORING: Store in an airtight, reusable container in the pantry for 1 week, fridge 1 month, freezer 1 year.

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