I have been lucky enough in my life to experience some of the wild and remote places on Planet Earth. I have spent months on end in the backcountry working at lodges. We are always stewards to the land when we work. That's the attitude. Total respect for our environment. 

When I am cooking it is the same attitude. As Chefs, we must respect the ingredients, respect the earth that grew them, and respect the life that feeds upon them.

My practices for sustainability are:​


  • I compost all food waste.

  • I recycle all recyclables.

  • I reuse and repurpose what I can.

  • I donate leftover food.

  • I use biodegradable cleaning products

  • I support local and organic producers and growers as much as possible. Local ingredients that are in season are the most nutritious and taste amazing. We are so lucky to be in British Columbia!

  • I do what I can.